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Blackbeard For Men

Dark Brown

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Our Most Versatile Shade

Blackbeard for Men Dark Brown is our most popular shade, and that’s because you can vary the intensity from subtle to bold. Apply heavily straight from the bottle, and it’s a rich, robust dark brown -- almost, but not quite, as dark as our Brownblack. Or use a lighter touch — wipe off most of the product on the lip of the bottle — and it can look several shades lighter.

Blackbeard for Men Dark Brown also makes an excellent medium brown! Just wipe/blend with a tissue. Still too dark? Try our Light/Medium Brown. Not dark enough? Try Brownblack or Black.

Tip: Blend with our Big Bad Beard Brush for a killer stubble look.

Tip: Want to add a touch of sheen? put a tiny amount of argan oil on your Big Bad Beard Brush (no more than a pea) and blend.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Everett

Dark Brown

Jeff DePaulo

Dark Brown

randall unger
best product on the market!

BFM is the best product on the men's mustache/beard color market!
A little dab'L do ya for a week if you don't wash your face: if you do wash, it'll still last for days! Nobody has a better product: true colors, long-lasting and you're out to sea in a jiffy!

Thomas A Wetten

Dark Brown