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Blackbeard For Men


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Our Darkest Brown

Blackbeard for Men Brownblack is our darkest brown -- the color Cap'n Blackbeard himself wore, don't ye know! ;) A deep, hearty matte very darn brown, Blackbeard for Men Brownblack shade is a great option for men with very dark brown hair which looks black at times, but in the light ye can see that it’s actually got some brown in it.

Blackbeard for Men Brownblack can be somewhat lightened or softened by wiping it away with a facial tissue or by blending with our Big Bad Beard Brush if need be. But if you are looking for a slightly lighter shade, try our Dark Brown instead.

Tip: Use our Big Bad Beard Brush to blend the color to create a fast, easy stubble look.

Tip: Want to add a touch of sheen? Use a drop of argan oil (no larger than a pea) and blend with yer beard brush.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Derek lynch

Works great natural looking no burns or chemical reactions

Dominick DeGregorio
Scurvy Dahg

It's great


Excellent product.... It works... No allergies

Joseph Bennett Jr.
Great product

Simple to use, works well

Boice Bowman

Comes off a little too easily. I know it’s not a permanent coloring but I wish I didn’t have to reapply repeated throughout the’s still a favored product.