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Blackbeard For Men

Brown Auburn

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Medium Brown with a Reddish Overtone

Blackbeard for Men Brown/Auburn shade is for men with a light to medium brown mustache, beard and sideburns with a hint of red. Use it direct from the bottle for a lustrous medium brown with auburn highlights,. Or apply very lightly using a “dry brush” technique for more of a light reddish brown or ginger look. Even pirates with full-on red hair can use our Brown/Auburn instant, brush-on beard color.

Great for: Men with light-to medium brown with auburn hair, or ginger shades.


Color too intense or not quite right? Try blending with a tissue or beard brush. The tissue will knock down the color intensity significantly for a more ginger look. Or use the Blackbeard for Men Big Bad Beard Brush to blend it for a smoother overall look while subtly reducing the intensity.

Color too red? Try our Blackbeard for Men Dark Brown! Our Dark Brown shade also makes an excellent medium brown when tamped down with a tissue. -- perfect for men who want a medium brown shade without any auburn overtone.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Wendel
Brown Auburn review

nice addition for those that have a little ginger coloring


Very good product

Keven Frandsen
5 star

Great Product

Philip Davidson
Best darn stuff!!

This product is very effective. It works great, quick and simple when I wanna “present a wee bit better.”