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Blackbeard For Men


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Rich Lustrous Matte Black

Blackbeard for Men Black is a jet black cosmetic color. It has no other colors in it, so it is best suited for men with true black facial hair. It’s a matte color, which means it doesn’t have much sheen to it, so it should blend naturally with yer mustache, beard and sideburns. Ye can also use a beard brush or tissue to dull the color if ye find it’s too intense, or to leave some gray for a salt and pepper effect.

Tip: Looking to add a bit of sheen? try putting a tiny amount (no more than a pea) of high-quality argan oil on your Blackbeard for Men Big Bad Beard Brush and gently blend.

Customer Reviews

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William Wetzel
Works great, covers well

I use Blackbeard for Men, both Black and Dark Brown, for my beard. They work great to cover the grey and they last for the day without problems. There may be some slight ruboff if I wear a mask, but not much. I highly recommend the Blackbeard for Men!

Thank ye indeed. Aye, ye will indeed get a bit of rub-off on the indie of yer mask if ye wear one. Here at Blackbeard for Men, we recommend sunshine and fresh sea air whenever possible, arr.

Good stuff

Excellent for touching up areas that your usual beard dye misses.

Thank ye indeed! Aye, and also ye can use it to extend the time between dyeing and touch up yer roots as needed.

Roger smith

I like it but it’s a bit smeary. I have a hug n kiss to my friend and it was all over her cheek. Not sure if I’m not applying it right or if it doesn’t dry enough.

Thank ye, Roger! The easiest way to avoid that problem is to wipe it down a bit with a tissue after applying. This blends the color and also reduces the amount of surface product that may transfer. There is always a rub-off danger with direction contact and pressure, but a casual contact should not result in any rub-off. Give that a shot and let us know how it goes.

Some gents also use a clear make-up setting spray, but most fellows find this isn't necessary.

May fair winds always fill yer sails.

Capn Jim C
Blackbeard for Men

Gregory C Stewart
Blackbeard black

Great product, I will never order JFM again

Eric Lamont Carpenter