Blackbeard For Men Get Your Beard On! Wed, 02 Dec 2020 09:31:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Blackbeard For Men 32 32 Black Out of Stock Until Appx. December 7th Sun, 29 Nov 2020 22:20:33 +0000
What do ye mean we’ve run out of BLACK???

Shiver me timbers! Arrgh, lads, we hate to have to disappoint ye, but our bestselling color (“black,” don’t ye know,) has sold a bit too well, and we were caught with our britches down!

A new shipment be on its way right now from our manufacturer, but alas, all of our sales channels — our website, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wish and a few others — be out of stock for the time being. Our humblest apologies. If there be a hint of brown in yer hair, ye may wish to give our Brownblack shade a try in the interim. It be our darkest brown, and it be a smashing good beard color shade in its own right.

If ye live outside the USA, however, ye can still find Black available at our international distributors:

Mijnbaard (Netherlands, Europe)

Body4Real (UK, Europe)

Captain Groomington (Australia)

Hair & More (New Zealand)

And we’re waiting on both Body4Real Kenya as well as Blackbeard for Men Canada to launch any day now.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. We’ll soon have yer beards looking shipshape again!

May yer mast and yer drink always be stiff.

Cap’n Jim

Blackbeard for Men


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Rated Top 7 Beard Dye for 2020 by Gadget Reviews! Sat, 18 Jul 2020 03:31:10 +0000 Wow! Thank ye indeed, Gadget Reviews! It is quite the honored to be judged one of yer Top 7 Beard Dyes for 2020. This is especially remarkable considering we didn’t even have to pay ye lads anything! 😉

Aye, indeed, This was a fair review, and we have no affiliation with the company and be receiving no kickbacks from them. Here be a brief excerpt of what they had to say:

“Maybe you prefer to get your beard professionally dyed, but you still have a week before your next appointment with your barber and your grays are starting to show in your beard. If this sounds familiar, then we think the Blackbeard for Men Formula X beard dye is a great solution. This quick-fix beard dye is perfect for touch-ups when an errant gray appears, or for you to reduce the total amount of grays in your beard.

Because of this, we think it’s the best beard dye for a salt and pepper look. You’ll like that this travel-friendly design comes with an applicator wand that allows for precise application to the random grays you might have. This is also a hypoallergenic beard dye that dries down instantly and is water-resistant.”

Now truth be told, Blackbeard for Men is not actually a dye — it is in fact a cosmetic beard color. It be an important distinction, because dyes penetrate the hair follicle. Cosmetic color is surface-only. Ye see, the way it works is that the harsh drugstore beard dyes (ye all know which ones I be referring to) first strip away the color in the hair using ammonia (aye, seriously!), or another chemical that acts similarly, in order for the color to stain the hair. That be why do many of these product have that harsh, chemical smell like ye be beating cleaning solution straight up yer nose — because ye ARE! That is also why ye often have to mix two packets — one strips the color, the other replaces it.

Whereas with cosmetic color, it does not strip anything. Yer hair remains unhurt! Blackbeard for Men is surface-only color. Now that does mean that the product is temporary of course. But it also means far, far less reactions and skin sensitivity.

Thank ye again to the fine pirates over at Gadget Reviews. Go, go, Gadget Reviews! (That be an Inspector Gadget reference, for anyone who didn’t catch it.)


–Cap’n Jim

Blackbeard for Men

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CANADA SHIPPING PRICE INCREASES – But local Canada Distributor coming soon! Mon, 22 Jun 2020 23:40:13 +0000 Arrrrgh.

Ahoy lads, our apologies, but due to the demolition of the US Postal Service by the corrupt forces of privatization, led by Crookmaster General Louis DeJoy, we have been forced to switch around 90% of our Canada shipments from USPS to UPS – at much higher cost.

We noticed a distinct pattern of USPS first class mail parcels to Canada being lagged by a full month before even being sent to the airport. This is clearly being done deliberately to wreck the USPS’s most affordable shipping service and force businesses to move to private carriers.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what we have had to do. So ye will certainly notice shipping to Canada is now far more expensive than it used to be, between $18.50 – $22 for most parcels. Again, we apologize for the situation, but it’s either go with UPS (with 5-7-day delivery) ordeal with a lot of angry customers wondering why they have not received their US mail shipments.

The good news, lads, is that we are in the process of setting up a Canada-based distributor now, and hopefully they will be up and running by October/November. This will eliminate both the high shipping costs as well as long delivery times.

Thanks to all of ye for yer patience during these difficult times. Arrgh.

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Blackbeard For Men Across The Seas Thu, 11 Jun 2020 10:06:44 +0000 Blackbeard For Men Now Available in 56 countries

Five New Ways to Buy Blackbeard for Men!

Lads, the postal services around the world have been affected by COVID-19 — as well as the surly forces of privatization. Alas, this means shipping delays to many countries, and temporary discontinuation of shipping to many others (for a complete list go here).

Ah, but despair ye not, privateers. Now ye can order yer Blackbeard for Men from five new distributors around the world. Hopefully this will result in much faster shipping times and reduced shipping fees for many of ye!

Captain Groomington

Captain Groomington

Be ye clean-shaven with some grey at yer temples, or rocking a full mustache and beard, Captain Beardington has the beard color solution for Aussies.

Captain Groomington Shop Now

Body 4 Real UK


Body4Real has been offering Blackbeard for Men to Europe and the continent for over 4 years. Plus they have tons of other handy grooming and lifestyle products.

Body4Real UK Shop Now

Mijn Baard


Mijnbaard, or “My beard,” is a wonderful resource offering an incredible variety of beard styling products at excellent prices.

Mijn Baard Netherlands Shop Now

Hair and more new Zealand

Hair and More

Kiwis, rejoice! No longer need ye wait weeks fer yer Blackbeard for Men to arrive from Europe or the States. Visit Hair and More today!

Hair and More New Zealand Shop Now

Body$Real Kenya


Body4Real Kenya

Body4Real has expanded into Africa. Site launching soon!


Give them a visit, why don’t ye?

And remember, all ye roguishly handsome American beardsmen, US shipping is always FREE on orders over $30 – Shop Now!

Coming soon: our Father’s Day Sale
begins June 18th. Arr.

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Blackbeard for Men Review at Beards Base Thu, 21 May 2020 09:34:11 +0000 Thank ye indeed, Beards Base, for the fair and detailed review of Blackbeard for Men. Beards Base writer Anthony Walker put Blackbeard for Men instant, brush-on beard color through its paces and broke down the ins and outs and pros and cons in this comprehensive article, from Versatility to Durability, from Application Time to Skin Sensitivity.

Photo of writer Anthony Walker showing lush, full beard
Beards Base writer Anthony Walker rocks his roguish beard.

Beards Base appears to be a great resource for men, with topics like Grooming, Style, and Beard Oil, and some really interesting and specific articles like “5 Ways to Grow a Viking Beard Style” and “Things You Should Know About Asian Facial Hair.” And of course they know a thing or two about beard dye, beard coloring, and hypoallergenic beard products.

And of course, we agree with Mr. Walker’s conclusion!

Final Words

Blackbeard for Men is goodbye to harsh chemical dyes and irritation that often comes with them. This is the ideal product for men that want to look younger and get rid of the gray without the hassle and skin reactions of dyeing.


Aye, thank ye indeed, good sir! We appreciate the time ye spent with our product and the information ye be bringing to our fellow brethrens in beardnificence.

Sail on over to Beards Base to read Mr. Walker’s Blackbeard for Men review:

–Cap’n Jim

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USPS Ongoing Service Interruptions and Shipping Delays Fri, 03 Apr 2020 10:44:15 +0000


Ahoy, lads,

I sincerely hope ye all be weathering this storm they call COVID19. It’s making life a bit rough for many of us. 

USA: The United States Postal Service has been targeted for privatization. That means they are deliberately slowing down USPS first class mail shipments.

We now offer the option of US shipping via UPS Ground with transit time 5-7 business days to speed up delivery. However, if ye don’t mind a wait, ye can still elect USPS First Class Mail and save money on shipping (and we do mean a wait – please allow 2-4 weeks for US First Class Mail delivery).

CANADA: Due to the ongoing sabotage of USPS, we have been forced to switch to UPS delivery when possible. Shipments generally arrive in 7-10 days; however, shipping costs are unfortunately much higher. Please note that some areas of Canada are not accessible via UPS, meaning we must ship via USPS/Canada Post in those cases. We apologize for this situation and hope to open a Canada-specific distributor soon.

AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK, NETHERLANDS AND EUROPE:  Please order from our local affiliates!


MIJNBAARD (Netherlands)

HAIR & MORE (New Zealand)


OTHER COUNTRIES: We are still shipping via USPS to most other countries, simply because UPS is far more expensive. Please be aware this means 1-2 month delivery times.

If you would like to upgrade to UPS, please contact us for a shipping quote.

COUNTRIES WE CANNOT CURRENTLY SHIP TO VIA USPS (but may be able to via UPS): Please contact us if you live in one of these countries.

Bhutan Honduras Madagascar South Africa
Bolivia Iraq Malawi Turkmenistan
Ecuador Libya Panama

Suspension Due to Unavailability of Transportation

Azerbaijan Eswatini (Swaziland) Myanmar Syria
Bahamas Jordan Niger Tajikistan
Botswana Kiribati Papua New Guinea Timor-Leste
Brunei Kyrgyzstan Republic of Congo Turks & Caicos
Cambodia Laos Samoa Uzbekistan
Cayman Islands Lebanon Seychelles Vanuatu
Chad Lesotho Sierra Leone Venezuela
Cook Islands Liberia Sint Maarten Yemen
Cuba Mauritius Solomon Islands
Dominica Mongolia South Sudan


May fair winds always fill yer sails.

Cap’n Jim C.

Blackbeard for Men

Blackbeard For Men Mobile Logo

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Groom Thyself! Wed, 11 Sep 2019 23:27:33 +0000 Ahoy, me hearties!

Summer be over and done with. Let me repeat that for the swashbucklers who still have rum in their ears: summer be over and done with. No, that doesn’t mean that ‘winter is coming’ (note how I got the pop culture thingy in there – the buccaneers have told the Cap’n that pop culture thingies are just as important as remembering where ye buried yer gold).

What does it mean that summer is over? It means ye can’t get away with yer slovenly look, swashbuckler. Ye know that during the summer – especially if it’s a scorcher like this last one – ye can get away without being perfectly groomed. Yer fellow pirates will forgive yer maybe not quite manly look. But that all stops once the weather cools again. In other words, now!

So start grooming, matey. Start grooming. Of course, the Cap’n and his crew are here to help.

First, decide on yer favored look. If ye wanna know what’s trendy in the beard department, ye can check the Cap’n’s here blog scroll:

Of course, ye shouldn’t simply pick any beard style. The beard style has got to fit the pirate. Remember: If yer face is round, yer beard should be longer on the bottom than on the sides. If yer face is square, yer beard should be fuller on the chin and well-groomed on the sides. If yer face be rectangular, yer beard should be fuller on the sides and short on the bottom. If yer face be oval, a neatly trimmed beard will look good on ye. The Cap’n has chawed about what fits yer mug a lot. (After all, the Cap’n likes tellin’ people what to do.) If ye need a primer, check out this momentous memento:

Now, go forth, you handsome swashbuckler and conquer the Seven Seas.

Needless to say, feel free to email the Cap’n. He always likes to hear from you (as well as talk about himself in the third person).


The Cap’n

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Men’s Axis Fri, 09 Aug 2019 17:40:06 +0000 Ahoy, Mateys!

Check out the love we got from The Cap’n and his crew are delighted that Blackbeard for Men has been named one of the best beard dyes. But ye buccaneers probably already know this; otherwise ye wouldn’t be readin’ this here blog scroll.

The swashbucklers over at were especially taken by the fact that Blackbeard for Men is easy and quick to apply and ye can leave some gray if ye want to as well as it being safe for sideburns and eyebrows (ye don’t wanna look like Gandalf, after all).

Mateys, if yer lookin’ for a good, manly read, do check out their website. They’ve got plenty of interestin’ advice for pirates like us. They’re not only up on all of our beard and grooming needs; they are experts in everything from technology to smart-alecky things ye can say to the fairer sex. Like, mateys, would ye ever in a million years think about asking a pretty wench if she had any hidden talents? (The Cap’n may have tried that once. But I guess the lascivious tone and the wagging eyebrows gave the wrong impression and the lassie hit him over the head with a bottle of rum.) They can also tell ye which the best mechanical gloves are. (The Cap’n couldn’t even tell ya’ what a mechanical glove is.)

The blokes over at Men’s Axis can also tell ya how to build self-confidence (personally, a bottle of rum and some ale does the trick for this here Cap’n) as well as the “Seven Daily Habits of Successful People.” Strangely, maraudin’ the Seven Seas, burying lots of gold and snugglin’ with yer ship’s Chihuahua wasn’t on their list.

Anyway, do check ‘em out. After all, we’ve already determined that they know their stuff when it comes to beard color. So we assume they’re up on the other stuff as well.

May fair winds always fill yer sails.


The Cap’n

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Best Beard Dyes & Colors of 2019 Mon, 29 Jul 2019 23:31:21 +0000 beardsource

Ahoy, Mateys!

We were thrilled when swashbuckler and beard expert Ali Kuoppala — the founder of Beard Resource ( — included our own Blackbeard for Men amongst his picks for “Best Beard Dyes & Colors of 2019. You can find his list right here:

He looked at different categories including natural ingredients, price, and if it was specifically designed for your best asset — your beard, of course! Ali also looked into problems us pirates can sometimes sail into when using beard dye. Some buccaneers end up with an itchy rash that makes them look like a pimply teenager as opposed to a fearsome pirate because beard dyes can cause allergic reactions. Of course, mateys, ye know that’s not a problem you’ll have with our very own Blackbeard for Men. In fact, that’s the reason Cap’n Jim invented Blackbeard for Men: he ended up with an unsightly rash and had to hide in his cabin for days until he said those famous words: “There must be a better way.”

Ali’s blog is also chockablock full of good information for bearded swashbuckler and landlubber alike. He has articles on all beard-related topics. Everything from “How to Grow a Beard When You Can’t Grow a Beard” to the age-old question “Do Women Like Beards?” Now, mateys, the Cap’n here can answer that last one in the affirmative — as I’m sure so can you. Ali also has a whole section on grooming tips and tricks, which is well worth checking out and so is his extensive review section. Mateys, it’s important for all of us bearded pirates to be in the know about everything that’s out there and pertaining to the essence of our manliness — our beards, of course!

So, head on over and check out Ali’s cool website because we can never have enough beard resources.

May fair winds always fill yer sails!


The Cap’n




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Allergic Reactions to Beard Products! Mon, 24 Jun 2019 21:57:21 +0000 Ahoy, Mateys!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, bearded treasure abounds all around you. Every buccaneer and swashbuckler seems to have their own line of beard products: beard oils, beard waxes, beard conditioners – if ye can put the word “beard” in front of a grooming product it exists (in a few hundred varieties). And all of these products will cost you many of your hard-marauded doubloons.

Now, ye know what the little seagulls say about yours truly, the Cap’n. That’s right! “Cheap, cheap, cheap.” And I hope you, my fellow pirates, are the same and won’t be bamboozled into spending your entire treasure chest on things ye don’t actually need. The Cap’n has opined on this subject before and given you cheap alternatives for every problem. (Ye can find the blog scroll here:

But that’s not the subject of today’s post. If ye must spend yer gold on a ruthless pirate who cooks up some concoction in his galley and sells it at a 1000% markup to you, my matey, it’s yer choice and yer gold. I can’t stop ya. However, ye should at the very least take a gander at the ingredients to make sure ye don’t end up with pimples, rashes, itches or a swollen face.

Here are the ingredients ye should be weary of:

Anything with the term sulfate on the label. They can often be found in products which purport to clean yer best asset. But what they really do is strip yer manly-man beard of moisture. Ye can end up with something that looks like a mangy squirrel on yer face instead of yer glorious beard.

Phthalates are ubiquitous. They’re used everywhere in a variety of functions such as gelling agents, lubricants, stabilizers, and emulsifying agents. Hence, ye’ll often find them in beard products. They can have side effects such as decreased sperm count, infertility and birth defects. On a label ye can spot them by designations such as: DEHP, DMP, DBP, and DEP.

Formaldehyde – ye’ve heard about that in school or on TV – it’s used to preserve things like corpses and grooming products. It can cause things like dizziness, cancer, heart palpitations… and the worst of the bunch: hair loss. Who would risk losing parts of their precious beard? It shows up on labels as DMDM and glyoxal.

Many personal care products contain petroleum jelly. Look for words like petrolatum, white petroleum, paraffin wax, paraffin oil, or liquid paraffin on the label. Ye know what it does? It prevents your pores from breathing by clogging them up. Ye know what’ll happen? Ye suddenly look like a pimply 16-year-old again – except that yer a manly-man now and the last thing ye want is to leave the house with a face full of acne.

Mateys, remember to be nice to yer best asset and it will always be nice to you. May the beard be with you!


The Cap’n

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