Aargh! BLACK Out of Stock Until Mid July

Aargh! BLACK Out of Stock Until Mid July

Arrgh! It is with great displeasure that we must cancel our July 3th sale, pirates. We be having trouble at the port. Ships be backed up, and according to our freight forwarder it may be weeks before our shipment can be offloaded. It's already ten days late.

Unfortunately, like the weather, this be out of our control. We expect to be out of stock of black until mid July.

As soon as we have restocked, we will have a Midsummer Sale. But for now, we must batten down the hatches and hunker down. In the meantime, perhaps try Brownblack -- it may work for ye in a pinch. It's our darkest brown.

Our apologies, pirates. This be not the news we were hoping to bring ye.

Cap'n Jim

Blackbeard for Men

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