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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Thicken your BEARD!

Thicken your BEARD!

Ahoy, Mateys!

We all want a thick pirate beard. After all, the thicker the beard, the more virile the swashbuckler. (At least according to this here Cap’n.) That begs the question: how do ye thicken yer best asset?

Problem is that genetics plays a big part in how thick yer beard will be. And ye can’t really do anything about yer genes. (Well, if we lived in some alternate universe scifi flick we probably could.) However, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Ye can still help yer beard become more glorious than it already is.

The first step is a healthy lifestyle. Ye wanna get enough sleep and exercise ‘cause that will have a direct result on the lusciousness of yer beard. Yer eating and exercise habits have a direct effect on yer production of testosterone and that, in turn, affects the thickness and growth of yer facial hair. Check out the Cap’n’s this here message in a bottle on that subject:

Here is another tidbit that should give ye hope. Some things do get better as ye get older. Did ye know that sometimes yer eyesight improves? Take it from me: I started out with -3.75 (which made steering the ship a bit hard – especially coupled with a few barrels of rum). As the years went by, my eyesight steadily improved and now I’m at -2.75. As my ophthalmologist said: “If ye live long enough, buccaneer, ye might end up with 20/20 vision.”

Turns out the same is true for yer best asset. If ye recall, there was a time in yer life when ye were a wee teenager. Ye know, the time when ye tried (and most likely failed) to grow a beard. Ye may have noticed that what was growing out of yer chin was thin and a bit straggly. But as time (and years) went on it got fuller and richer. That’s right, lads, yer beard gets thicker with age!

Now, ye might say to yerself: “but I’m 55 – and it’s still a bit thin.” To you I say: “the answer my friend ain’t blowin’ in the wind – it’s Blackbeard for Men.” The better yer beard color, the thicker yer beard will appear. Most of all, though, as ye may already know, Blackbeard for Men is the only beard color out there that can fill in gaps and cover up patchiness. So if ye tried the healthy eating/exercising a lot and it hasn’t helped: fear not, lads. The Cap’n and his crew and, most of all, yer tube of Blackbeard for Men are here to help.

May fair winds always fill yer sails.


The Cap’n


Fan Mail for Blackbeard!

Fan Mail for Blackbeard!

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Best Beard Color! Say What?

Best Beard Color! Say What?

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