What Do Ye Do With a Drunken Sailor?

Drunken sailor

Ahoy, privateers! There be a famous sea shanty ye may all have heard, and it goes, “What do ye do with a drunken sailor ear-lye in the mornin’?” In the interest of science, we here at Blackbeard for Men decided to investigate. Now this was not going to be an easy task, fellow beardsmen. Firstly […]

Define your BEARD!

Define Your Beard

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know, the Cap’n has many terms of endearment for his beard. “My best asset,” “my pride and joy,” “the love of my life,” and “my manly man flag” to just name a few. Hence, the Cap’n thought it’d be a grand idea to see what other pirates called it. Here is […]