Summer Shave and Your Beard Shaping Tools!

Summer shave

Ahoy, Mateys! So here we are, my fellow swashbucklers. Memorial Day is behind us and we’re lookin’ ahead to the warmer months. With summer on the horizon, many a mighty buccaneer considers a slight shave. (Only slight, ‘cause they’re mighty buccaneers after all.) Now, me hearties, I’m sure you and your beard have had a […]

Let’s Talk About Classy Beards!

Define Your Beard

Avast, me hearties! Cap’n Jim is feeling classy. And that, lads, be a rare thing indeed. The Cap’n, of course, is chawing about a classy beard. How do ye get a classy beard, ye may ask. Well, fear not, mighty swashbuckler! The Cap’n is here to tell ye exactly what to do. (The Cap’n likes […]