Friendly Mutton Chops on the Horizon!

Ahoy, Mateys! In his last blog scroll, the Cap’n mentioned “Friendly Mutton Chops” and that seems to have pricked the ears of the discerning pirate, ‘cause we got a few emails with questions about those Friendly Mutton Chops. Or maybe there are many fans of that rascally swashbuckler Wolverine on this here ship, since he […]

Trendy Beards!

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know we live in the bearded age. Wherever ye go it’s beards and beards galore. The Cap’n loves it and surely so do you. With 2017 really underway now, the Cap’n thought it’s high time (no… not high times… that’s after sundown when the ship is docked) to look at trending […]

The Tale of Valentine Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! You know what day is comin’ up. And if ye don’t, the Cap’n is here to remind ye – ‘cause if ye forget, ye know how yer lass is gonna react, right? (Hint: hide yer sword.) So, swarthy swashbuckler, Valentine’s Day is next week. The 14th of February… quickly, mark it in yer […]

The Chinstrap Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! We’ve been getting emails about the chinstrap beard. Hence, the Cap’n assumes some of you fearless marauders are thinking of taking the plunge… or the strap… as that may be. Other pirates may still be wondering what a chinstrap beard is. A chinstrap, in the strictest sense, is exactly what it sounds like. […]