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Monthly Archives: June 2016

How to get a THICK BEARD!


Blackbeard's Cap'n Jim Ship

Ahoy, Mateys!

Let’s talk about thick beards. You know, the type a Viking would be proud of. Often the crew asks me how to get a thick beard. Well, mateys, this is what ye got to do:

First of all, remember that individual beard hairs grow at a different rate. Some faster than others. So ye want to avoid trying to shape yer mug too soon. Wait at least 5 – 6 weeks. After you’re done waiting a few weeks and are ready to shape yer treasure; the first decision you have to make is exactly what type of beard ye want. (Hint: it should fit yer face.) If it’s yer first beard, ye should go to a barber, cause that way ye’ll know the initial shaping will go well. If yer trimming it yourself, make sure to use a good trimmer.

Secondly, after ye got the desired shape, ye want to give yer pirate beard some regular TLC — that’d be shampoo and conditioner.

Next, don’t get discouraged if yer beard isn’t as thick as ye want it to be. All ye have to do is wait a bit. The amount of yer facial hair actually increases the older ye get. (That explains why the most ancient pirates always have the thickest beards.)

After that, eat well and make yer beard happy. Ye wanna eat lots of green leafy vegetable — think spinach and kale — cause they actually help yer body metabolize estrogen, which means that ye’ll have higher levels of testosterone in yer pirate body. Needless to say, that helps yer beard growth. Also, avoid junk food and anything with a lot of sugar — that can contribute to making yer hair brittle. And not only the hair on yer head.

Also, ye can take supplements. Biotin aids the growth of hair — on yer head as well as on yer chin.

Then, ye wanna exercise. Exercise is good for yer circulation, which carries vitamins and nutrients through yer bloodstream and into yer skin. It also stimulates testosterone creation.

Lastly, get yer shut eye. cause it allows cells to repair itself and that’s really important for healthy hair growth. So try to get yer 7 – 8 hours at night.

As always, if ye have any questions, don’t hesitate to email the Cap’n or comment below. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions ye may have.

The Cap’n

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