The History of the Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! Let’s talk about our favorite asset — our facial hair! Why do we have it? How did it come about? Charles Darwin thought there was an evolutionary explanation. He thought beards played a role in sexual selection — the lasses prefer their pirates with some facial hair. Modern evolutionary psychologists have confirmed that. […]


Ahoy Mateys! Mateys, before ye can take care of yer beard, ye need to grow it. Ah, there be the rub. Often that is the hardest part and many a pirate quits in despair and gets the razor out. Don’t, matey! Fight through it, cause the end result is well worth it. The Cap’n has […]

How to get the PERFECT MUSTACHE!

Ahoy Mateys! Some of the crew have been askin’ what to do with that space between their nose and their upper lip and, as ye know, the Cap’n be a big fan of the mustache. Now, a mustache is often like buried treasure — it doesn’t look like much until ye dig it out properly. […]