Easter Pirate!

Ahoy Mateys! Holiday ahead! Now ye might be wondering how to get yer little ones acquainted with the pirate lifestyle. The Cap’n’s got the answer: Easter Pirate Time. Take plastic eggs that ye can open, put treasure inside and hide them around the backyard or a park. Then ye can even draw a treasure map […]

Swashbuckler, take care of yer BEST ASSET!

Ahoy Mateys! That above-mentioned best asset would be yer beard! Ye don’t want it looking all raggedy. Ye should trim the edges of yer beard or mustache EVERY DAY. Just trim — a bit — ye don’t want to cut off yer very manliness, but those edges need some attention. Remember, yer a sexy pirate, […]

Shape Yer Beard!

Ahoy, mateys! Often the Cap’n gets asked what exactly to do with those facial whiskers. Well, swashbuckler, that very much depends on the shape of yer face. Yer manly beard should compliment yer mug. Here are some guidelines that every pirate can live by: If yer face is round, yer beard should be longer on […]