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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Beware the Red!

Ahoy Mateys!

Cap’n Jim here! Often we get emails askin’ us if our product will redden the face of some poor lad. Meaning will some swashbuckler have an allergic reaction? The answer, of course, is a resounding NO! In fact, the reason Blackbeard for Men exists is because the Cap’n needed a solution to his problem: a gray beard! He looked far and wide and happened upon a beard dye — let’s call it “Not For Me.”  All hopeful, the Cap’n tried said beard dye. The color returned to his beard. Beard color being an important thing, the Cap’n used the dye again. By the third time, he noticed an itching and burning. He looked in the mirror and lo and behold — the Cap’n’s entire face be on fire! It felt like a thousand bees crawlin’ in his manly beard. The Cap’n was havin’ an allergic reaction. He read up on it. Apparently, it’s quite common. Lots of pirates can’t use beard dye. So the Cap’n looked far and wide again. Even tried Henna products, but those didn’t give his beard any coverage at all. The Cap’n had no choice but to come up with his own product that would satisfy his needs. And now the Cap’n and his crew bring Blackbeard for Men to all the pirates of the seven seas. Nobody has to suffer the curse of the red anymore and we have a happy ending.

No Valentine’s Day Sale This Year. Argh.

Ahoy, faithful crew, Cap’n Jim here with the unfortunate news that we will not be able to offer our traditional Valentine’s Day Sale this year. But fear not — ye won’t have to wait long. We’re planning on having back-to-back St. Patrick’s Day (March) and Blackbeard’s Birthday (April) sales. And speaking of Valentine’s Day… Cap’n… Continue Reading

Avast, Mateys!

Ahoy! More advice about the lasses from the Cap’n. Tis the time of year after all and the 14th is comin’ up. If yer want to read everything the Cap’n has to spout on, well, everything, then shoot us an email and we’ll send you our “Pirates’ Guide to Datin’ and Lookin’ Good.” Mateys, to… Continue Reading

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