Christmas Presents for your Beard

Ahoy, mateys! The Cap’n would like to know if yer beard got any good Christmas presents this year. Beard color? Beard comb? Beard dye? If ye got anything good, please let us know in the comments section below. If ye didn’t get anything good, well, mateys, we’ve got a New Year’s Sale coming up. Starting […]

Happy Holidays from the Cap’n

Ahoy, ye swabs! This be the Cap’n’s favorite time of year. First of all, I get to take a couple days off work. Can I get a big ARRR! for that? Secondly, the Cap’n be no piker. I take great joy in finding just the right gifts fer me mates and me loved ones. Now […]

Winter Beard

Ahoy, mateys! Tis the season. It be cold and dry in most places. Now that doesn’t mean ye shouldn’t take care of yer beard and yer beard color. The Cap’n and his crew be here for all of yer beard color and beard dye needs. But what of the shape of yer beard? Because of […]