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Avast, scalawags! Here be questions and answers to many of the more common questions we be asked here at Blackbeard for Men. If ye don’t see the answer to yer question here, please send us a message in a bottle by using our CONTACT FORM, and we be getting back to ye promptly.

What is Blackbeard for MenTM?

Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X is patented, water-resistant brush-on hair color specially designed for men’s facial hair. It is NOT a dye! It can be used on its own to touch up gray patches in your beard, mustache, sideburns and eyebrows, or even to touch up your roots if you use a dye and don’t want to deal with the enormous hassle of re-applying the dye. Arr!

Do you have any tips for how to use Blackbeard for MenTM?

Yep! See our TIPS page for the best ways to apply and use Blackbeard for MenTM.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Blackbeard for MenTM has a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. First-time customers may return the unused portion of their order for any reason and receive a full refund including shipping and handling. Request must be made within two weeks (14 calendar days) of purchase.

To return an item, please contact customer service via our form – click here.

Returns should be sent to:

Attn: Returns
Blackbeard for MenTM
3651 S. La Brea Ave #522
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Please allow two weeks to process your refund. Maximum refund: 3-pack.

Is Blackbeard for MenTM safe to use?

Blackbeard for MenTM is hypoallergenic and non-toxic when used as directed. was developed with a leading manufacturer of hair care and cosmetics products. The formulation uses only the finest approved and well-established colorants used safely for decades in other products around the world.

Blackbeard for MenTM has been independently safety tested by TUV Rheinland Laboratories, who pronounced Blackbeard for Men “safe when used as intended and under circumstances involving reasonable foreseeable misuse according to U.S. Federal Hazardous Substance Act (FHSA) Regulations and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations for Cosmetic Products.” As well, it has been tested and certified 100% mercury-free.

Blackbeard for MenTM is not a dye, so it is ideal for people who are sensitive to the harsh chemicals in dyes. Most people who are unable to use dyes are able to use Blackbeard for MenTM.

However, some people do have skin allergies or certain sensitivities. If you experience any discomfort or symptoms such as skin rash, itching or dry skin, discontinue use of Blackbeard for MenTM immediately and consult a physician.

Will Blackbeard for MenTM rub off?

We’ve designed Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X to be resistant to smudging, so you can wipe your mouth with a napkin while eating and not worry about wiping away all the product. That said, a certain amount of Blackbeard for MenTM will fade or could wipe off with aggressive rubbing or face-washing.

Blackbeard for MenTM is not permanent color like dye and does begin to fade after appx. 8 hours wear (or more.) It may be wise to carry a bottle around for touch-ups as needed, just in case. Certain activities produce more wear and tear on the product. For example, surfing – after being out in the sun and salt water for a few hours, your Blackbeard for Men will have faded a bit (but will still look natural.)

Note that Blackbeard for MenTM may stain some fabrics. Wash with soap and cold water. Wash it off completely in the shower or else some residue may rub off on your towel after a shower. And wash it off before bed if you use light-colored sheets.

Will my friends know I’m using Blackbeard for MenTM?

No. When applied properly, Blackbeard for MenTM looks absolutely natural. Some friends may not even realize how your appearance has changed. They may stare at you for a while trying to figure out what’s up, but may not even be able to put their finger on the difference!

How long will a bottle of Blackbeard for MenTM last?

For the average user (well-trimmed mustache & goatee beard and sideburns) one bottle of Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X lasts approximately 4 weeks with average use, when used every day. Users with a fuller or longer beard will obviously use more product. For best results with Blackbeard for MenTM, we recommend neatly groomed to moderate facial hair growth. Unfortunately, you guys with Grizzly Adams or ZZ Top-style beards, Blackbeard for MenTM is not for you. Individual results will vary (greatly!)

How long does Blackbeard for MenTM take to put on?

Goes on in seconds. Just brush it on. That’s it!

How long does Blackbeard for MenTM last when applied?

Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X has a special long-lasting, water-resistant formula that lasts 8 hours or more with average use. Many of our customers simply put it on in the morning and forget about it. Typically you’ll still have about 50% coverage even the next morning.

While it is durable and water resistant, Blackbeard for MenTM is not a dye. It does fade over time and with wear and tear, face washing, etc., so consider having some on hand if you’re going to be out of the house for a while. We designed the bottles to be small and have smooth, rounded edges so as to be easily carryable in a pocket.

How does Blackbeard for MenTM differ from the leading men’s facial hair color product?

In several key ways:

  • Blackbeard for MenTM is not a dye. It is a patented brush-on topical colorant. As such, it is less likely to cause an adverse reaction than some dyes, which often use harsh chemicals.
  • Blackbeard for MenTM goes on instantly. Unlike the leading men’s facial hair color product, Blackbeard for MenTM brushes on in seconds and you’re ready to go. Dries quickly, too! Using the leading men’s facial hair color product is a time-consuming, annoying process.
  • Blackbeard for MenTM has no harsh chemical odor. The leading men’s facial hair color product has a bleach component which smells awful, and worse, you must tolerate it for several minutes. With that product you are in fact dying your facial hair. Blackbeard for MenTM is not a dye, but rather, it is a topical colorant.
  • Blackbeard for MenTM fills gaps. It doesn’t just color the existing hair – it can color skin, too. This can be very helpful for those of us whose facial growth is a bit more spotty. Finally you can have that full beard or mustache look!
  • Blackbeard for MenTM is more economical. The leading men’s facial hair color product gives you three applications per box. The gray hair never stops growing, which means the gray will be visible again after only a day or two! Within just a few days the colored facial hair will have grown out enough so that you have obvious gray roots. Blah! You would have to buy a ton of the stuff and apply it every other day. That would cost you a fortune and take a ridiculous amount of time. With average use, each bottle of Blackbeard for MenTM lasts about a month.
  • You don’t have to lose ALL the gray! Unlike the leading men’s facial hair color product, Blackbeard for MenTM is not a dye or bleach and isn’t “all or nothing.” You apply it to where YOU want to apply it. If you want to leave a little bit of gray for a more natural look, go for it! See our TIPS page for helpful hints on how to do this.
What are the ingredients?

The patented ingredients in Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X have been safely used in cosmetics products for many years. However, some people may have skin sensitivity, allergies, or other issues. If you experience any of these or any other symptoms, please discontinue use of Blackbeard for MenTM immediately and contact a health care professional. Blackbeard for MenTM is for external use only! Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X has also been safety tested and found 100% mercury-free.

BBFM formula X ingredients list

What are the benefits of using Blackbeard for MenTM?
  • Look younger instantly! Users of Blackbeard for MenTM report chopping a decade or more off their appearance in seconds. Check out our before and after pix and see for yourself!
  • Self-confidence. Proceed boldly, knowing that the world perceives you as younger and more dynamic. You only live once. Make the most of it! With Blackbeard for MenTM, you’ll know that the world perceives you differently – better, stronger, faster.
  • Be more attractive. Why does having a thicker, fuller grayless beard make you more attractive? Because we perceive “greybeards” as old, and old equals tired and simply less desirable than new. Maybe it’s a psychological trick, but Blackbeard for MenTM users do consistently report being perceived as “more attractive.”
  • More opportunities for employment/advancement. Unfortunately, ageism is very real. In many fields, youth is valued while age and experience are treated with derision. If you’re looking for a job and you have a gray mustache or beard, unless you’re at the executive level, the deck is heavily stacked against you. Blackbeard for MenTM helps you even up the odds.
Is Blackbeard for MenTM easy to use?

Arr, you bet, matey! Application time is about 20 seconds. You just brush it on. If ye accidentally apply too much or get some on your skin, just wipe it off with a tissue. If ye want to leave a little gray for a natural look, go fer it. Blackbeard for Men Formula X dries in about a minute or so.

Will my shipment be confidential?

For shipments within the USA, we ship in plain envelopes with “BBFM” and our return address. In other words, plain, unmarked packaging! Unfortunately, for foreign shipments we must complete a customs form which is attached to the parcel, identifying the contents. This is usually pretty hard to read by the time it arrives, but still, alas, we cannot say that the packaging is unmarked.

Also, Blackbeard for MenTM will NEVER sell your name or e-mail to anyone for any reason.

Is Blackbeard for MenTM patented?

Blackbeard for Men is patented, matey!

jim patent edited

Blackbeard for Men has a non provisional utility US patent. The patent number awarded is 8679467.

If you wash your face if it will come off? Does it stain your skin?

Blackbeard for Men Formula X be water-resistant. So if ye wash gently, it should stay on pretty well. However, if ye scrub hard with soap and water, it will come off.

It is also resistant, but not impervious, to rub-off. In other words, if you blow your nose with a tissue or wipe your face with a napkin, it should hold pretty well. But if you wipe hard, it will come off.

Blackbeard for Men does not stain your skin like, for example, a permanent marker. It will color skin if you apply it there, but it is only surface-deep, and you will always be able to remove it completely if ye want. This makes it very effective at filling gaps.


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